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About Shuttle 🚀

Shuttle is a mobile developers dedicated tool built by the H2G Lab mobile developers team. It aims to unify your teams of iOS and Android developers in a single platform to improve the way you manage releases and distribute them to both internal and external users.

As a complete dashboard of your apps production cycle, Shuttle provides a global and relevant overview of your different builds and releases throughout their development. It then allows you to deploy them to your users: teams of developers, testers, customers, etc.

By easily connecting to your existing tools, Shuttle fits to your current workflow and bridges the gap between your CI and your users.


The challenge of unified distribution

In the field of mobile development, the management and distribution of builds have always been a challenge for lead developers, mainly due to the partitioning of different OS (and we know something!)

However, it seems essential to us to have an instant global vision and a unified management of the different versions of the applications.

In addition, if lately third-party solutions have emerged to meet the need for distribution, the majority is no longer cross-platform. Gradually bought by the giants of mobile platforms, they tend to focus on their own environment.

With Shuttle, we seek to unify management and distribution in a single platform, while maintaining this independence from existing ecosystems, without distinction.

Open Core model: community sharing and durability of our tool


We decided to distribute Shuttle on the Open Core model:

  • a Community Edition available in Open Source,
  • an Enterprise Edition including hosting and support.

Opening Shuttle to the community is a guarantee of quality and adaptability but also a guarantee of sustainability, which is a key factor in the adoption of a new tool. The Enterprise Edition is dedicated to businesses and offers a turnkey solution. 

But this is only a first step for us: the solution is still in its infancy and we intend to evolve it to offer the most relevant and effective product. We are already working on new features, such as an SDK dedicated to reporting and user feedback, automatic update of applications, or integration with different channels of final distribution (Apple App Store, Google Play Store and EMM App Catalog).

As engineers, but also as entrepreneurs, we are convinced that there is no alternative other than the Open Core model to build in a sustainable way a company dedicated to the modernization of development tools.


Our ambition: to gather all the teams involved in the production cycle of an application within a unified distribution platform.



Learn more on www.shuttle.tools